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About Me

Meet Timmy

BIRTH PLACE: Perth Ontario, Canada | D.O.B: 31/10/1988 | OCCUPATION: Unlimited

From an early age Timothy was taught to follow her heart and believe in her dreams. Though this phrase is commonly used as a life motto for most; she is proud when admitting she has committed to this all through out her life. She’s a small town gal with country roots, a passionate heart, and unlimited talent. Even at a young age – always putting her heart first, she has accumulated endless knowledge, wisdom, and information from the paths she has chosen, and continues to venture on.. Her next journey in life is to help and inspire others by sharing with you her modalities she has accumulated in her journey, offering services in health, art, sport, and life.

Timmy was involved in competitive sports growing up; swimming, basketball, volleyball, dance, and anything that involves being towed behind a boat. Out of high school, she made the decision to travel and pursue her dream of waterskiing. She has had the opportunity to train with some of the top athletes in the sport and as a result has become a private watersports instructor, spending her

summers on the water coaching and competing. She is Nationally and Internationally ranked competitor in waterskiing and wakesurfing. She has accumulated numerous podiums places at Canadian, and Eastern Canadian Championships, amongst many other local events. For Timmy, the water is her sanctuary, where her mind is at ease and care free. She is rooted to the water, and has found a sense of balance with it in her life.

She picked up photography and graphic design as a hobby also out of high school, and has been offering freelance services since 2007. Photography provides Timothy with expression and uniqueness. She has a inspiring approach to all of her photos and design, with a creative and eye catching edge. Timothy has shot for major events including the 2007 CIS Basketball Championships, and the Ottawa Senators Skills competition. Though sports photography is her forte, she has experience shooting portrait, lifestyle, weddings, and events.

In 2009, Timothy was introduced to pH Nutrition and The New Biology of health after having experienced serious health issues. Having ran out of options, she turned to Nutrition to get her life back on track and got on board with the “Alkalarian Lifestyle”. Within two weeks her health was miraculously starting to improve, and to this day gives all credit to pH Nutrition. She was provided with the knowledge that our lives and health are a reflection of our inner self, and has become a walking example. She continues to study pH Nutrition and The New Biology, helping people improve and transform their lives with simple nutrition. We truly are what we eat, but we must first understand what is truly proper for us to eat. From here, we can achieve miracles!

Timothy grew up in the small tourist town of Perth, Ontario, where she currently resides. She was baptized Catholic and continues to be a follower of Christ growing in her Christianity and Faith. She believes that all of her talents have been blessed as a gift to her from Creator as a way of giving and impacting the World. At 29 years of age she is the eldest of her 2 siblings; sister Milana (29), and brother Michael (27).

“I wish to dedicated this website to my family, friends, and all have who impacted me on my life journey. You are truly a blessing to my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am, and doing what I do without you!”

– XO Timothy

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