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                                        "I have had the great pleasure over the                                                             last two years of dealing with Timmy at                                                         Len’s Cove Marina where I purchased my                                                       MasterCraft Tow boat. Timmy took                                                                 exceptional care of making sure I                                                                   picked the right boat for not only my needs, but also my family’s. She took great precaution in making sure that we would be pleased with our choice and investment for years to come.

I have found Timmy to be a very talented, organized, professional woman, who possess the only one intangible that cannot be taught.. Attitude and personality. She has always contributed fresh ideas and with a very positive outlook in my boat buying process, as well as her watersports instruction for myself and my family.

We have found her to be an excellent Company representative who knows exactly what questions to ask, and at what time. Her perseverance and determination has enabled Len’s Cove Marina to secure sales and long-term loyal customers, supplying a first-class product as well as a first class service.. More importantly, keeping a trusting relationship even after the sale had closed.

It is for these reasons that I can highly recommend Timmy as a supplier’s representative, and watersports instructor.”

   - Simon Jacques, President;    

                 Airbus Defence, Space Canada.

                                         "Timmy has an undeniable passion for people                                                  and the water. Her energetic, free spirited                                                    personality can make anyone smile and enjoy                                                the moment.  Her obsession and dedication                                                    to water sports makes her a natural athlete in                                              multiple disciplines. She has surrounded herself with, and learned from some of the top water sports athletes and coaches in the world. Thus, giving her the credentials to provide first class coaching for her students. Timmy has a natural technical  understanding of slalom skiing and wake sports; and knows how to communicate effectively with who she's coaching.  She has dedicated her life to provide excellent services and coaching so that you feel comfortable, confident, and safe on the water. Whether you invite her to come out on your boat for a day of coaching with her private services, or take advantage of her lessons at Len's Cove Marina, it will be a day to remember!

Timmy has been a part of my life for the past 9 years. She is an amazing person to be in the presence of. I have had experience in all of her wonderful services. She is a genuine friend, and an awesome person to have in my life!"

                    - Whitney McClintock;

          World Champion Waterskier,

          Professional  3 Event Waterski Coach

What they have to say..

                                           "It's not everyday you encounter a person who                                                is so dedicated to realizing success through                                                  their passion.  For Timmy, this is always clear                                               and obvious with her love for the water, and                                                  any activity associated with it.  As a family,                                                  we've been lucky to know her for many years. My brother,  sister, and I all having our own love of the water have each spent time in boats on the waters of Eastern Ontario with Timmy.  Now, as I raise my own children, my daughter Rachel, who faithfully takes part in Timmy's wakeboard camps,  has the benefit of a strong female role model. Timmy is not just a coach, but also a mentor; sharing her passion for the water and zest for life with people of all ages. She has a noticeable drive and talent to instil each rider with the confidence they need to not only do their best on the water, but also in life.  We are truly blessed and grateful to call Timmy part of our extended family."

                                 - Brian Ivay;

    Upper Rideau Lake, Westport ON.

                               "I write this as a former instructor and present                                                admirer of Timothy McNamee.

                                 I came to know Timmy through my association                                             with Camp IAWAH, a full season resort and                                                   retreat centre located on Wolfe Lake outside of Westport Ontario, where she introduced herself, accompanied by her family.  I had been operating the camps watersports program for 10 years when it had caught her attention.  

I soon found out her keen interest in pursuing watersports by any means possible.  As an ambitious 17 year old, she never missed an opportunity to better herself, and as a result, better others with the sport. I recommended she enroll in our leadership program which would give her extensive training in all aspects of leadership, mentorship, and coaching including waterskiing.  She followed through on my advice and excelled as a leader, mentor and ski coach.

Our ski program was designed to meet the needs of all levels of skiers. We operated 6 days a week for the summer season, 7AM-8PM hosting over 75 students a day. Over the course of the season we pulled students from 5 years of age to 85, with varying skill levels.  Every discipline with the exception of jump was offered. We ran two to three competition boats of various brands, but our preferred brand was MasterCraft. That's 75 lives we had the pleasure of touching each day with our passion for watersports, and influencing the MasterCraft Brand. Our mission for our watersports program was to leave our students better than we'd met them, uplifting their spirits instilling in them our genuine love for the sport, and passion for MasterCraft Boats.

From the moment I met Timothy, it was clear to me she had a passion for the sport that would endure.  Since then I've watched her grow in to the woman she is today, a force of nature for the expansion and growth of a sport and industry that otherwise would not shine as bright without her."

                 - Bryan Dawson;

         CEO/Owner, H3 Wellness Centre,

                                         Alkalina Cafe

             Bogota, Colombia


                                         "I have had the pleasure of working with                                                      Timmy McNamee on many occasions over a 6                                                year period at Lens Cove Marina during                                                          which time she organized, scheduled,                                                            operated the boat, and assisted in teaching                                                    while I conducted wakeboard clinics.

After numerous  years wakeboarding professionally and traveling around the United States coaching hundreds of clinics, I have come across few people who have a natural understanding, talent, work ethic, and social skills that I have seen and experienced with Timmy. Over my career as a professional wakeboard instructor and athlete, I have allowed and trusted very little people to operate the boat while I coached. Her ability to spot accidents before they happen, and maneuver the boat assuring the riders safety, allowed me to confidently trust her boat driving abilities.  If Timmy is behind the wheel, you know the rider is in good hands. She would always be my boat driver of choice!

Timmy is truly an asset to any team, and carries a contagious enthusiasm in her work that inspires her customers, and all who are lucky enough to work with her.

It is for these reasons that I recommend Timmy as an asset to Len's Cove Marina, MasterCraft Boats, and the Watersports Industry.

                    - Will Christien;

Professional Wakeboard Coach,

Television Host, and Voiceover Artist

                                             "I have had the pleasure of having Timmy on                                                       the WaterskiWorks Watersport Safety team                                                       and Safety Board over the past few years.  Her                                                   dedication to our sport is rare and second to                                                      none.  Her ambition to work with the staff at                                                     our youth summer camps instructing drivers on safe driving procedures, proper instruction, and communication between coach and athlete has been a huge asset to the growth of our sport.  The energy that Timmy brings to every group she works with spreads quickly.  As a business owner, I am very selective on who I recruit to represent my company name. This person has to be loyal, dependable, knowledgeable, and above all, trust worthy. Timmy qualifies, and has exceeded my expectations in all areas. When Timmy and I were introduced, from day one, I was impressed with what she stood for and what she wanted to achieve as a person, coach, and as a female influence in the industry.  I wanted her to be a part of what we were aspiring to do at WaterskiWorks..  I am so excited to have her on my team not only professionally, but also personally as a friend.  The Watersports world has been influenced in so many ways by what she is doing not only as a female in our sport, but as a quality person as well. A presence like Timmy makes me confident our sport is going to continue to flourish, and continue to be fun for all ages and skill levels!"

-  Eric Tackett;

CEO/Owner Waterski Works Waterski

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